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Meet Vibrant Shea Co.

Vibrant Shea Co. is proudly a family owned & operated business. We are happy to share that the members of our household, & production team have been vaccinated against Covid-19! We continue our high standard of safety & sanitation measures from production to shipment. Keeping you healthy is our #1 priority.

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About Us
Vibrant Shea Co. is a black-owned, woman-led natural skincare company founded in the East Bay Area of Northern California with operations in the Midwest. We specialize in handcrafted, small-batch skincare made with raw Organic West African Shea Butter, locally grown Californian Aloe Vera, & wild harvested Californian Honey including luxurious lavender & orange blossom varietals. Our "keep it simply natural" mission is to pass on all of the pure, nurturing, healing benefits of the raw ingredients used in our skincare without the inclusion of toxic, harmful, synthetic chemicals & preservatives commonly found in store-bought products. 

Gianna, the founder & head creator, is purpose-driven to develop “all good” skin & hair care: sulfate-free, formaldehyde-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, dye-free, aluminum-free; & made of all natural, plant-powered ingredients that are all good for your hair & body! #cleanbeauty

What started as a passion project to benefit family & friends has grown into a life purpose to spread love & light worldwide by sharing our handcrafted, small-batch, natural skincare throughout the global community. Since 2019, Vibrant Shea Co. has proudly served 18 states & 4 countries. In 2020, we  responded to the global Covid-19 pandemic by providing free aloe vera hand sanitizers to our customers, first responders & the community. We continue to offer natural aloe vera soap & hand sanitizer at cost to help the community stay healthy & safe. 

Gianna uses a minimalist approach to Vibrant Shea Co. formulas by selecting sustainable sourced unrefined ingredients, which allows you to enjoy their full, beneficial, skin-loving potential. We use raw, natural, organic ingredients in our small-batch formulas, so that you are empowered to enjoy optimum skin & hair health minus the fillers, chemicals & toxins that are so prevalent in big brand skin & hair care today.

Vibrant Shea Co. has proudly incorporated a Zero Waste business practice. From our raw ingredients to our recyclable, reusable packaging, we are committed to making a big impact on your skin health while leaving the smallest footprint on our environment.

Vibrant Shea Co. believes in conscious consumerism & supports sustainable development initiatives across the African Diaspora. We have partnered with Fair Trade Shea Villages in West Africa to source our Organic Vegan Grade A Wild-Harvested Shea Butter. 

The amazing Shea Queens responsible for every phase of raw shea butter production- from harvesting wild shea nuts from ancient African Karité Tree Groves, to hand-churning pure shea oil into Organic Grade A Shea Butter, directly benefit from your Vibrant Shea Co. purchase.

Sulugu Shea Village is dedicated to empowering women entrepreneurs in Northern Ghana & improving the daily lives of their communities, while ensuring they give detailed attention to delivering superior high quality 100% organic raw materials. Every pound of organic raw shea butter sold goes directly back into maintaining farms & crops, creating employment through innovation & infrastructure, a healthy workplace, access to clean water, entrepreneur programs, family support services, women’s empowerment, & securing energy efficient housing. 

Vibrant Shea Co. invites you to join the natural movement & get back to basics in your skin & hair care routine. Try something new today, & with our: All Love Guarantee, if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, we will exchange it for free- no questions asked. Our goal is for you to fall in love with healthy hair & skin, & our mission is to provide natural solutions to make that goal easily attainable for you. 
Be well,

Founder, Vibrant Shea Co.

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