Vibrant Shea Co. New Golden Shea Butter 

In West Africa there is a tree that has been used for centuries to make teas and topical preparations that will help detox and heal inflammations. The tree is called Borututu Tree, and is what gives Golden Shea Butter its naturally beautiful color!

golden shea with borututu root by vibrant shea co

Skin-Loving Benefits

Borututu Root is a potent antioxidant that is employed to combat the harmful free radicals in our bodies. At the same time, the bark of this tree helps to cleanse and detoxify the body. When used topically, it is effective for treating skin problems. The yellow/orange core you see above is shredded and added to the boiling step of shea butter production, and the result is a shea butter that has a pretty bright golden color, and infused with incredible antioxidants and extra healing elements compared to ivory shea butter.

  • High in skin-loving vitamins A, E and F
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Heals infection, sores and skin problems
  • Fights skin aging with rich antioxidants

Vibrant Shea Co. proudly partners with Sulugu Shea Butter Village to source our natural West African Shea Butter traditionally formulated to retain all the holistic properties which makes Shea Butter so healthy for your hair and skin.

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