Happy Earth Day!

Planet Earth is healing in a major way. It shouldn’t stop there. We, at Vibrant Shea Co. believe that this is a unique season of healing for us too. It isn’t selfish to focus on self care during isolation. Self care is essential. Self care with natural, plant-powered skincare can also be healing and therapeutic, especially during these uncertain times.

Earth Friendly Sustainability

Vibrant Shea Co. is a feel good brand! We promote conscious consumerism as a lifestyle. We have established a local, small, family-operated supply chain that sources the raw ingredients we use in our formulas from California suppliers. Our West African body butters are produced from nuts and seeds that grow on trees only found elsewhere in the world. We carefully selected Shea Villages that practice wild harvesting methods. Our organic body butters are produced in women-led cooperatives that provide a sustainable income for their entire community. By using Vibrant Shea Co. natural hair and skincare you are partnering with us to support local growers, organic farmers, and women-led small businesses.

Zero Waste Methods

We believe that if enough of us commit to giving more than taking, then our planet can recover, and eventually thrive. We do our part to reduce waste by using recycled packaging materials in our shipments. Vibrant Shea Co. products come in plastic jars and bottles that can be repurposed or recycled. We adhere to zero waste practices in our small batch methodology. Our hair and skincare are made to order in small batches, so that every part of our raw ingredients end up in a finished product. We do our part to create zero waste from production to delivery.

How To Heal

Vibrant Shea Co. naturally simple recipes are formulating using 90% raw plant ingredients. Even the natural preservatives we use to keep you safe from harmful bacteria growth in water based products are plant-derived! We don’t stop there, the other 10% of our ingredients that are not plant-based, include natural, raw honey, purified water, and skin-loving earth clays. We believe that mother earth provides everything required for optimal hair and skin health.

As our planet detoxes from pollution, we recommend a personal skin and hair detox from synthetic, chemical-based, beauty products. At Vibrant Shea Co. it’s Earth Day everyday with our natural, plant-powered formulas. Take some time today to take care of yourself. 

We, at Vibrant Shea Co. invite you to try a new skincare regimen today! Now is the perfect time to start a new routine while taking a break from public life. We believe that if we take the time to focus on self care, then we can collectively emerge from isolation with healthy skin, hair and a happier, healthier version of ourselves! We each possess a unique vibrance waiting to be rediscovered. Unleash your inner glow with Vibrant Shea Co.